Seafood to Die For!

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About Us

There are many reasons to visit Portland, Maine, such as picture-postcard ocean vistas and graceful 18th-century homes—but the main reason (pun intended) is the food. Called the "Foodiest Small Town in America" in 2009 by Bon Appétit—and, according to its Chamber of Commerce, second only to San Francisco in restaurants per capita—Portland has grown into one of the Northeast's top dining spots. Fishermen's Grill restaurant prove that big-city dining can be right at home miles away from a major metropolis.

Fishermen's Grill is a neighborhood takeout restaurant where you can get the freshest possible seafood daily at a very fair price.  Fishermen's Grill is know as part of the neighborhood not a chain. We specialize in local seafood, nothing out of state, everything is New England/Atlantic fishery.

We buy daily, so we're not like other places that buy on Thursday and try to sell it all weekend and then special out at the beginning of the week. Our menu ranges in prices from $2 to $55 with generous portions. The haddock sandwich, in particular, is a showstoper. Now come down and slap some "fresh" seafood!!!